Senior Full Stack Developer

Join our team and help us grow Rotor

About the role

We're looking for someone with broad skills to join our engineering team and work closely with Rotor Support to solve real customer problems. You'll be part of a team developing new roadmap features while constantly refining our existing feature set. Generating music videos is interesting, but it can be challenging, so we'd like you to have the experience and confidence to investigate issues in production, and provide feedback to the wider team. Most of our customers are musicians, who have a strong vision of what they want from Rotor, and we value their feedback & ideas.

We expect all our engineers to foster a healthy, collaborative culture where respectful feedback and code review helps us all contribute to Rotor's success. We're a distributed, remote team, so we are always trying to develop better ways of working together while being apart. We value asynchronous work practices, and trust all staff with a high degree of autonomy and independence in their work.

Engineers are only one part of our team - you'll work closely with Product, Design and Marketing teams, ensuring that we're all focused on solving real problems, and reaching customers who need those solutions.

As a small team, we value automation and simple tools. We use GitHub for source control, Project & Issue Tracking, and Continuous Integration (Actions). We deploy several times a day, with automated tests before and after deployment. We expect all engineering staff to help us monitor the correctness & performance of our deployed applications, and to be involved in helping us scale. We work together, collaborating over Slack or pair programming with Tuple.

We'd like to talk if:

  • You have 4+ years experience developing web-based applications.
  • You have experience developing with Ruby-on-Rails. (Experience with similar frameworks like Phoenix or Django will be considered if Ruby isn't one of your languages.)
  • You have experience developing with React. (Experience with other JavaScript frameworks will be considered.)
  • You're comfortable working with SQL databases like PostgreSQL.
  • You're comfortable working with Docker.

We'd love to talk if:

  • You have experience of Heroku - this is where we deploy our web application.
  • You have experience of Kubernetes - this is how we deploy our applications.
  • You have experience with Google Cloud - this is where we deploy our video rendering.
  • You have expertise with Rails or React - these are our two core technologies.
  • You have experience of C++ or Python. We use C++ to generate video, and we use Python for machine learning.
  • You have experience of monitoring and observability of web based applications (we currently use New Relic and Rollbar.)
  • You have a background in music, video or related digital signal processing.

Sound good?

Drop us an email to (no agencies please), and don’t forget to include:

  • Your CV (and Github name if you have projects you'd like to share)
  • Your phone number
  • A brief summary of any notable projects you’ve created or contributed to
  • Why you want to work with us

Rotor is an Equal Opportunities Employer