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What is Rotor?

Video creation needs to be fast, easy and inexpensive so that anybody can create great looking videos without knowing anything about video production.

With Rotor, all you need is your song. Nothing else. You can add your own clips and images, add text and lyrics and you can use as much of our free video library as you want. Almost all of our clips were created by our team of videographers and the studios that we partner with.

Rotor is built by a team of musicians, engineers and video directors who have built video tech for Google and YouTube, created music videos for Oasis, Primal Scream, Coldplay and who’ve managed major record labels.

How do I start creating a video?

Firstly, go here to upload a song to be the soundtrack for your video.

Secondly, upload your own video clips or images. If you don’t have video clips or images of your own, feel free to browse our stock library of thousands of clips and pick what you want to use.

Thirdly, choose a style for your video. We have 25 to choose from.

Lastly, you can add text overlays and intro/outro if you like.

How long will my video be?

Your video will be the same length as the track you upload.

Can I make a shorter video?

Yes, you can use our audio trimming tool to select a smaller piece of your song for short videos.

How do I browse through your stock video clips?

To browse our stock clips, you need to first start making your own video with Rotor.

What type of audio files do you support?

Mp3, .wav, .ogg, .aac

Please note that the maximum song duration is 20 Minutes and the maximum file size is 150MB

What type of video files do you support?

mp4 .mov .m4v .avi

What type of image files do you support?

.png .jpg .gif

How many video previews can I make?

There is no limit to how many video previews you can make. You can tweak and edit until you are totally happy with your video.

What if I don’t want to add a style to my video?

That’s no problem - we have a style called “Cuts” that will just edit your video.

Will my video have the Rotor watermark and logo overlaid on it?

The watermark is only present within the video previews. Once you buy and download your video, the watermark will be removed.

All Rotor stock footage which is available within the clip library will have our logo however after purchase, the watermark will be removed.

Please note, however, when adding your own personal clips that there are no associated watermarks as these will not be removed after purchase.

How do I download my videos?

If you have already bought your video, it should be available to download in the “My Video Projects” section.

If you haven’t bought the video yet, first select the video you want to buy from the “My Video Projects” section. You will be brought to the download section once you have purchased your video.

Do I have to wait for my video to download?

No. You can leave the rendering page and Rotor will notify you in the top navigation when your video is ready - you can also check the progress there. If you like, you can start creating another video while your other videos are rendering. If you need to, you can leave the Rotor website and we’ll send you an email when your video is ready.

What can I do with my video once I’ve downloaded it?

Once you have purchased your video, you own all the rights to it. This means you can upload it or share it anywhere you like. However, you can’t claim ownership of the video content on YouTube Content ID. You can only claim ownership of your song. You are allowed to put ads on your video if your YouTube channel is monetised.

What type of content can I upload to use in my video?

You can upload video clips or images using supported file types - linked above. To get the best results, your video clips or images should match the resolution of the video you want to output, otherwise some cropping or letter-boxing may happen. Our standard high resolution video output is Full HD - 1080p - 1920px * 1080px.

It doesn’t matter if your video clips have sound. We don’t use it. We only use the audio from the provided music to make the video.

Can I change the order of the clips?

When you add clips to your video they will appear within a timeline at the bottom of the page, you are able to drag each clip to move them from left to right therefore changing the order.

Depending on the order of the clips within the timeline, this will be the order of the final render (E.g. the first clip within the timeline will appear first in the video, and so on).

Please note however that some styles, when applied will alter the order in which these appear slightly. To preserve the order of your clips to the fullest, we recommend you use "no style".

Can I adjust the duration of the clips?

The Rotor engine analyses the audio of your track and generates the video based on things like beats, tempo etc, in combination with whatever style you have chosen.

Right now, the length of your clip is determined by the speed and intensity of your song - changing every 4, 8, 12 or 16 beats, this is set by our software, therefore you will not be able to choose or adjust the length of each clip.

Can I make changes after my purchase?

At present there is no way to make changes after a final version has been purchased. This means that you will need to create a new version and once you are happy with the outcome, you will be able to purchase this new version.

Always remember, what you see in your preview, will be the exact version you receive after purchase.

Can I make a lyric video?

Once you have generated a preview of your video, you will be presented with an option to 'Add Text Overlays'.

The text overlay tool is designed to add a text intro/exit, the occasional notation or comment throughout the video. The tool can be used for creating lyric videos however this can be time consuming as the process is not as robust as we would like it to be.

This process involves making use of a tool that was intended for a simpler task. At this stage of development, it's a work in progress.

How much does it cost?

If you are happy with your preview, you are able to buy your video so that the watermarks are removed.

Rotor Pricing:

  • Highest Quality (HD Download 1080p) - $19
  • Standard Quality (SD Download 360p) - $12

Rotor accepts the following payment methods:

  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Google Pay, including Android Pay
  • Microsoft Pay