We’re looking for talented individuals, motivated by a love of music and technology

Belfast Opportunities

About Rotor

We build software that intelligently automates the creation of music videos. Our proprietary software analyzes music and video, and within minutes automatically generates a video cut to the music.

Customers include 1000's of independent artists, major labels, and large catalogue owners including Universal, Warner, Sony, and Believe. Having just secured equity investment, Rotor is opening a new office in Belfast, for its growing product and engineering team.

Universal Music

200,000+ music videos made with Rotor! 🎉

The Ministry
Diarmuid Moloney, CEO
Rotor Presents

Benefits Include

  • Competitive salary + bonus Competitive salary + bonus
  • 4 day week (32 hours) 4 day week (32 hours)
  • health, dental, and eye care benefits Comprehensive private health, dental, and eye care benefits
  • Top industry/tech conferences Attendance at the top industry/tech conferences
  • 33 days annual leave 33 days annual leave
  • Flexible working hours Flexible working hours
  • Remote working Remote working
  • Bicycle parking Bicycle parking
  • Shower facilities Shower facilities
  • All the fun! All the fun!