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How Rotor works

Create an engaging video for your music in minutes

Rotor’s flexible video creation software tailors videos to any genre of music. Best of all you can try it for free and be watching your video in no time.

All you need is a song

Once you've added your music, Rotor provides the rest. Simply choose from our catalogue of editing styles and thousands of free clips – or add your own. Then add text if you like.

All you need is a song

Get your music heard by more people

85% of monthly Youtube visitors just listen to music. That’s more than 1.3 billion people. Plus, more music is streamed on YouTube than ALL the other streaming services combined. With Rotor you can have a video for every song and grow your audience.

How artists are using Rotor

Video content is increasingly important but challenging to fund. Rotor provides the tools to fix that problem.
There’s lots of options to easily create something unique that matches my music. I use Rotor for all my music videos
Rotor have built a site that provides an easy way to make cool, quick promo videos for new releases.
Make your own music video

360p video for $18. Full HD 1080p video for $25.

You don’t need to pay someone thousands to produce your videos. You can take control of the process and make your own stand out videos for a fraction of the cost. Best of all, you can try as many times as you like until your happy with the result.

Rotor is working with the industry and organisations that represent artists to ensure we continue adding value where it's needed

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