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Rotor Videos

Video creation made easy for musicians

Make great videos quickly and easily with zero video editing skills or production know-how

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Fast and simple

Create amazing video assets with ease

Quickly get all of the video you need to promote your release and back catalogue across social media, streaming platforms, and YouTube.

Music Videos

Simply add your music, choose or upload clips, pick an editing style—we’ll do the rest.

Artwork Videos

Upload your existing release artwork and get an on brand video that vibes to the beat.

Promo and Lyric Videos

We provide the tools for you to easily resize your videos for social media and add text or lyrics to your videos.

Need you

Spotify Canvas

Boost your streams on Spotify and give listeners a show in every stream with Canvas videos.

Automatic, smart editing

Add your music, we’ll do the hard bits

Rotor’s engine analyzes your music and chosen clips, and within minutes automatically generates a professional quality video cut to your music.

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Clip library included

Finding high-quality stock footage isn’t easy

At Rotor, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right visuals to showcase your song.

Over 1 million high-quality stock video clips — all included in the price of a download.

Make it yours

Apply audio-reactive visual fx, styles and filters

Choose from over 150 different professionally-designed video edit styles and apply filters to make each video your own

VHS Vision Style
Glitch Style
Gingham Filter
Retro Filter

Easy to use tools

We’ve got everything you need in our toolkit — trim your video, add text, resize it for different social media apps

Add text or promotional messaging throughout your video

Let us handle resizing your videos so your artists look great on every platform

Turn your music videos into promo and Spotify canvas videos in seconds

Totally Affordable

Video to suit every budget

No need to pay production teams thousands to produce your music videos. Make your own stand-out videos for a fraction of the cost

$9.99 for 1 Credit
1 Credit
Spotify Canvas Videos
A 3-8 second loop video for your track on Spotify.
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2 Credits
Apple Music Album Motion
Put your Album Art in motion with our tool designed for Apple Music
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3 Credits
Music Videos
We analyze your music and chosen clips, and within minutes auto-generate a professional video cut to your music.
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2 Credits
Artwork Videos
Bring your album artwork to life with videos you can share on Instagram, YouTube, and more.
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4 Credits
Lyric Videos
Promote your music with dynamic, professional lyric videos in just a few simple steps.
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Save money with non-expiring credit bundles

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Vanessa Higgins, Regent Street

Video content is increasingly important but challenging to fund. Rotor provides the tools to fix that problem.

Vanessa Higgins, Regent Street
Frederik Sørvig, Oyhopper Records

There’s lots of options to easily create something unique that matches my music. I use Rotor for all my music videos.

Frederik Sørvig, Oyhopper Records

Create a video now. Only pay when you’re ready to download.

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