Transform every stream into
a captivating visual experience

Express your creativity, enhance your brand identity and connect with audiences on a deeper level with Apple Music Album Motion

No editing skills required

Animate your artwork in just a few clicks

Easy and fast to create

Simply upload your 1:1 artwork and select the style that best highlights your design.

Impactful and innovative styles

Choose from dynamic textures, striking light leaks, bold highlights and more to bring your static artwork to life.

Preset formatting

Rotor generates two video formats that are guaranteed to suit the Apple Music app’s distinct specifications.

Be dynamic

Enrich your presence on Apple Music

Engage your listeners

Apple Music Album Motion creates an engaging listening experience, capturing more attention than static images.

Stand out from the crowd

Impactful motion art will set you apart in a sea of popular music and new releases on Apple Music.

Get more out of your artwork

Your animated artwork can be used across various platforms for promotion.

Only 2 Credits!

Learn more about our credit bundles or subscription packages for labels and enterprises.

Video for everything

Make Apple Music Album Motion videos, plus lots more!

Quickly make all of the videos you need to promote your new releases and back catalogue across social media, streaming platforms, and YouTube.

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