Crop your YouTube music and promo videos in seconds

Look your biggest and best on social with Rotor's square and vertical videos.

The Shape of Music is Changing
Rotor Videos

Think big

Your music. Without borders.

That screen is your stage. So fill it for maximum impact.

Auto-cropped Videos
  • Zoomed to fit.
  • Action cropped.
  • Missing text.
Rotor’s Full-Frame Resizer
  • Full crop control.
  • Adjustable text.
  • 100% visible.

Easy to make

Pro-grade resizing. 1st grade simplicity.

If you can tell a square from a rectangle, you've got this!

Pick your shape
Drag the capture window
Download your cropped video
Post it to social

Loved by fans

Get thumb-stopping results

On mobile, square and vertical videos stop more fans mid-scroll than landscape videos

80% more engagement

Square 1:1 videos get over 80% more engagement than horizontal videos and 35% more views.

187% more long views

On Instagram, people watch vertical 9:16 videos at least halfway through 187% more than square videos.

78% more screen stealing

Square video takes up 78% more space in a mobile newsfeed than landscape video, and vertical is even bigger.

Caters to 70% of followers

Most millennials don’t rotate their phone to watch videos on mobile. So if you only post landscape videos to social, they’re either watching you at your smallest or scrolling you by.

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