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Over 1 Million new clips & a small update to our pricing

We’ve done something that should cure your insatiable appetite for content. 

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we get from our most active artists is “Give us more clips”. And no matter how many Collections we’ve added, the same feedback keeps coming. 

So we’ve done something to cure your insatiable appetite for content.

We’ve added over 1 million clips and updated our search experience to make it easier to find the perfect clips for your video. 

We’ll be curating these clips into Collections to improve discoverability over the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes peeled. But until then, give our search feature a try to find the perfect clips for your next Music Video

Pricing update: Music Videos now cost 3 credits

Good, studio-quality content like this costs money. So we’ve decided to make a small tweak to our pricing structure in order to bring this volume of quality content to our library.

Music videos will now cost 3 Credits

If you’ve used Rotor in the last few months, you will have noticed recently that we’ve changed our payment mechanic — moving to a credit-based system. Ultimately, we feel this is much better for the majority of our customers, who tend to be independent artists.

So the new pricing line up looks like so:

  • Short Videos = 1 credit
  • Artwork Videos = 2 credits
  • Music Videos = 3 credits

Happy creating! ✌️