4 reasons why musicians should make lyric videos

Lyric videos are a growing phenomenon across all genres of music. They receive higher rates of engagement and appeal to international audiences. There are many reasons to get on board with lyric videos and here are our top four:

1.    Fans love them!

Fans want to be able to sing along to the music. Without lyric videos, fans will have to go to lyric websites and play music separately in order to achieve what lyric videos can do, which can be a frustrating experience. Moreover, having lyric videos included in your channel helps retain your fans to explore more of your great videos before they drop off to other websites.

2.    YouTube loves them too

After YouTube stepped into the music industry, it radically changed how music is discovered and consumed. In the leading global markets (excluding China), YouTube aggregates more music streams than all of the other streaming services combined. Lyric videos are taking their share of the fame and fortune.

Many lyric videos have gained incredible numbers of views. For example, One Direction’s "Rock Me (Lyric Video)" has got 66,774,901 views and Avicii’s "Wake Me Up (Lyric Video)" has earned 196,920,203 views. We're now seeing lyric videos getting more views than official music videos, in some cases. If you want to boost engagement, lyric videos can help.

3.    Social media disruption

Ever since Facebook and Instagram started to show instant video play, lyric videos have become the new gateway for followers. These platforms push viewers to respond to videos and images while scrolling through a feed, and data shows that videos with text and/or visuals usually land more clicks.

4.    High quality lyric videos can be made in minutes 

Releasing lyric videos is not only a great and manageable way to keep pushing out video in between bigger productions that involve more complicated production, but also can be a lot of fun to make. Rotor makes it fast and simple to create lyric videos, music videos, and promo videos. Watch this example lyric video made with Rotor in just a matter of minutes for just $25. Head over to Rotor and make yours today!