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The Best Music Videos of 2022 so far

Check out our curated list of Music Videos we love so far in 2022.

Naturally, the team at Rotor loves a good music video. So we asked around and got everyone's top picks for 2022 so far. Enjoy!

Max Cooper - Exotic Contents

Max Cooper continues a superb run of music video commissioning with this fantastic use of generative AI by Steenbruge. Hypnotizing.

Chance the Rapper - Child of God

A solid meditation on the gentle power of art, this super simple and super sweet video strikes the right note.

Florence & The Machine - King

Cinematic, epic, ethereal and surreal - Florence’s new video is a perfect example of adding the correct visuals to the music. 

Ghost - Call Me Little Sunshine

This new Ghost video visualises industrial metal in all the right ways, and is a nostalgia trip for those who remember late night 90s MTV.

Animal Collective - We go Back

The kings of surrealist indie electronic pop return with their best stuff in ages, including their best video, a wild one-er trip through pop 3D scans.

5 Seconds of Summer - Complete Mess

We can’t complete our list without an indie pop concept video from boy band. This is that done well. 

Grimes - Shinigami Eyes

We are Rotor are all a bit in love with Grimes and her particular brand of cyber goth disco. The visuals in this one don’t let up for a moment. 

Folly Group - Faint of Hearts

A great moody video to go with Folly Group's crafted chaos of electronic, dance, post-punk influences.

Toro Y moi - Postman

WE SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST! Another great indie dance tune from Toro Y Moi - this time with a beautifully shot and edited video that doesn’t take itself too seriously.