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Rotor & Beatchain Mark Launch With Music Videos Offer

Beatchain launches new platform and gives members 10% discount on music video creation thru new Rotor Videos partnership.

This month, Beatchain launched an all-in-one platform that aims to help musicians promote themselves, better connect with fans, and profit from their music on their own terms—without having to share profits with middlemen or forfeit creative control.

Beatchain has been available in beta since 2019, providing artists with distribution services, insights on streaming and social media performance, design tools for creating content, and features for planning and scheduling social media. With its official launch in February, Beatchain has expanded its toolset—adding a website builder, an email platform, and a mobile app.

"To get heard above the noise, you need the complete set of tools to grow and engage your fanbase, get them hyped for your new release, and then direct them again and again to your music, your shows and your merchandise,” says Ben Mendoza, Beatchain CEO. “The unique thing about Beatchain is that you can do all this with one platform, without the artist needing to become an expert marketer or music promoter."

Rotor videos product image

To celebrate its launch, Rotor and Beatchain have joined forces to offer Beatchain members 10% off music video creation. With Rotor, you can make stunning music videos, lyric videos, and promo videos in minutes. Just upload your track, choose your clips, pick a visual style, let our app intelligently cut it all together for you in time to your music, and then add any screen text you want. Our private clip library is vast, beautifully filmed and always expanding with newly commissioned footage exclusive to Rotor, making it easy for artists to find the right visuals to showcase their song.

“I’m excited by Beatchain and the varied tools they’ve built to empower artists,” says Diarmuid Moloney, CEO of Rotor Videos. “Like Rotor, this is a company that’s stepping forward in the new music ecosystem and providing an easy and accessible service to all who need it. This is the way the industry is moving, and we’re delighted to be supplementing Beatchain with simple, affordable video creation via Rotor.”

“Technology continues to level the playing field for independent artists,” says Mendoza, “and we’re excited to be able to bring services like Rotor’s to the Beatchain community. Advancements like these are helping to liberate musicians from reliance on labels by removing the need for big upfront costs on marketing and content production. We strive to make sure artists have access to all the tools they need to grow their careers on their own terms, and slick music videos are a crucial part of that.”

Are you a Beatchain member and want 10% off your Rotor Videos creations? Then go to your Beatchain Dashboard and click the Rotor link to start your Rotor account.