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Check Out Our New Look

We've made some changes to our music video tool to make your music video making even easier than before!

Used our music video tool recently? If you have; you should have noticed a few changes…a few tweaks here and there? Who are we kidding - it’s totally new and improved!

For those who don’t know, the whole company is undergoing a massive renovation. We’ve built (and are continuing to build) out our team in Belfast. We’re partnering up with some really major brands in the industry and working on some exciting projects with some of the big labels.

So we thought our image needed an overhaul. One that reflected the new Rotor - but stayed true to who we are…an easy, affordable music video tool built for musicians; by musicians.

What started out with a lot of head scratching, ended up in us carrying out more than a few key changes which are aimed at helping you guys make the best videos possible to accompany your awesome tracks.

It feels more "Rotor"

As a brand; 

  1. We’re growing up and need our own, unique identity (less generic, more personality).

  2. We wanted to embody cutting-edge design without getting complicated and

  3. Stand out as a music video tool for the music industry.

We wanted an interface that represents the complexity of the technology which underpins the Rotor music-video-making engine, but delivered in such a way that meant it was still easy to use.

We’ve got some big plans for our product, and we needed a new structure that gives us room to grow. 

But wait, there's more...

In addition to our look and feel refresh, we had a few goals to improve the service…we wanted to:

  1. Improve the music video making experience by:
    • Bringing video creation into a single place
    • Improve the experience for mobile users
    • Make the process more efficient with less steps to complete
    • Set a good foundation for new features
  2. Improve our music video tool for adding text to videos to support:
    • Basic promotional messaging
    • Lyric videos (yes, you can now make Lyric videos with Rotor. NBD.)

Gone are the 3 steps - but we promise it’s still as easy as 1,2,3.

You still only need to come to Rotor Videos with one thing - your track. 

Once you’ve uploaded your track, you can search through our library of clips. No need to go through them one-by-one - just type a word into the search bar and watch us fetch some clips which match your needs.

Want to make your video full of dogs? - easy. Type “dog” into the search box and select as many of those puppers as you like!

Our navigation has changed

We’ve made a small, but we think significant change to our navigation. 

On desktop, this is now down the left-hand side. On mobile, this now lives along the bottom of your screen.

It makes the steps towards creating your video more like a checklist. Who doesn’t love working through their list and checking off things - such a feeling of achievement. Well now you can get that feeling making your Rotor music video. 

A brand new mobile interface

Videos are now easier to make from your mobile. We decided to make improvements here after acknowledging that 40% of you visit us from your mobile.

So feel free to shoot some footage on your smartphone and upload it right into Rotor. Within minutes you've got yourself a professional video on a budget.

We get your video to you quicker than ever before.

You no longer need to pick a style, we’ll automatically choose “no style” for you and send it off to render. This means you get to the first version quicker, where you can decide what tweaks you want to make. If your track needs something a bit more punchy, you can visit our style selection section and see samples of our styles (which are really our secret sauce). 

At Rotor we use styles to make your music video look more professional. They work by adding transitions and effects in time with your track, and really bring your photos and video clips to life.

All of our styles come with descriptions to help you pick the perfect one for your video. Some suit certain genres or moods more, but you can swap out your chosen style until you are totally happy with your video.

Making a lyric video has never been easier

Ever added lyrics to your Rotor videos? We’ll be honest - it used to be a very time-consuming and somewhat frustrating exercise to complete.

We've streamlined the process which means all you need to do is make your video preview, then add text overlays. While adding a text overlay all you need to do is type or paste in the text, and drag it to the part of the video you want it to appear.

A short video showing how it works

We’re really proud of our recent changes, and we hope you really enjoy using it.

If something doesn’t seem right, or you think we could improve on something - please reach out and tell us.

Do you know you can make a lyric video with Rotor in just a matter of minutes?

We've just rolled out a new interface which makes the whole process easier to do. Watch this example #lyric #video made with Rotor and try it out now at #NewSong

— Rotor Videos (@RotorVideos) September 3, 2019