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Theresa White, Independent Artist
“With pay-as-you-go, I had to be so careful about picking which video to spend money making. But with my Pro plan, I don’t have to be selective. I can get ALL of my music on my YouTube channel and social.”
— Theresa White, Independent Artist


How do I start a plan?

Everyone with a free Rotor account can start a subscription plan. Either click on one of the plans on this page, login to Rotor and go to your Profile page to start a plan, or start your plan when you go to download and pay for a video you made.

If you don’t have a Rotor login yet, start your free account here and then subscribe.

When is payment taken?

On the day you start your subscription and then again the same day 1 month or 1 year later (depending on whether you selected a monthly or annual plan). For example, if you start a monthly plan on October 3rd, you’ll be billed again November 3rd and December 3rd, etc.

Will my plan auto-renew by default?

Yes. If you sign up for a monthly subscription, we’ll charge you once a month until you downgrade or cancel. If you sign up for an annual subscription, we’ll charge you once a year until you downgrade or cancel.

Will you send me a reminder before you take payment?

No, so if this is important to you, you may want to set up your own repeat reminder in your calendar.

What happens if I go over my video allowance?

If you’ve used up all of the credits included in your plan and try to download a video, you’ll being given the option and checkout to either purchase that video at the standard price or upgrade to a higher-tiered plan.

When does my credit allowance renew?

Credit allowances refresh on each payment date. So if you’re on a monthly plan, the next batch of free credits you’re entitled to will be added to your account every month. If you’re on an annual plan, yours will be added 1 year after your plan’s start date.

What happens to unused credits in my plan?

Every month, any unused credits in your plan will roll over to the next month as long as you are on an active subscription. To check how many credits are available to you, go to the plans section of your account.

If you downgrade to a lower tier subscription, your accrued credits will carry over.

However, if you cancel your subscription completely, you will lose all the rolled-over credits that you’ve stockpiled. So we recommend using up all of your credits before you cancel.

Can I change or cancel my plan?

Absolutely. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time by logging in and going to your profile. Just remember than any unused credits from your previous plan will no longer be available to use (see above).

When I cancel, will the cancellation take effect immediately or on the next billing date?

At the minute cancellation (and resetting of your video allowance) takes place immediately. So we encourage you to use all of your available videos before you downgrade or cancel to make sure you use up what you’ve already paid for.

Will I still have access to past videos I’ve made and videos I’m building in my Projects list if I downgrade or cancel?

Yes. If you’ve made and downloaded a video as part of your plan in the past, you’ll be able to download it again at any time—regardless of whether you’ve changed plans or cancelled your subscription. And any videos that you’re working on will still be accessible.