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How to Make Promo Videos in Minutes

Create high quality promo videos in minutes—perfect for promoting music to fans and sharing on social media.

Every musician knows that it can take a long time to create, produce and perfect music before you feel it’s right to share with an audience. So how do you create a steady stream of content for your fans? Promo videos are the way to go.

What Is A Promo Video?

These are easy to make, short videos (usually around 15 to 60 seconds) that can be used to tease new music or promote upcoming gigs and merchandise. A promo video can be anything—perfect for getting creative and showing off your style and personality. Chat to the camera and tell fans about your release, give them a short tour around your studio or keep it simple with dates and times of your next album drop.

We recommend using the hook of your track to grab the attention of your audience—only a short 15-30 second clip tease! Get the most out of your release and drop multiple promo videos in the weeks running up to your album launch. Promo videos are a great way to consistently give your fans new content. That way you’ll stay at the top of their newsfeed and the forefront of their minds.

How To Make Promo Videos

Want to know how to make promo videos using our video creation app? Watch the video tutorial below.

No footage? No problem!

At Rotor, there are thousands of beautifully-filmed clips with footage we’ve commissioned exclusively for our Rotor users. Although finding stock video is easy when you’re an independent artist, finding high-quality stock footage isn’t. At Rotor, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right visuals to showcase your song.


Photo by Timek Life on Unsplash