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Introducing Video Trim: Online Video Cutter ✂️

We’ve made a small yet meaningful update to Rotor that will make it even easier to create lots of new video content and promote your music. Say hello to Video Trim.

In theory, trimming a music video, promo video or Spotify Canvas should be really simple—but in practice, it can be tricky to get right without the help of an online video cutter. It’s all in the details! So we’ve put some extra love and care in when creating our new Video Trim feature to make sure it works smoothly for our users across desktop and mobile.

How to Trim Videos

Step 1: Make a video in Rotor as normal. Once you’ve created your video preview, you’ll see the new Trim option.

Step 2: To custom trim your video, simply grab the handles to choose the length and section of the video you want to change.

Step 3: Know exactly what you want? Choose from one of our trim presets: Full track, 30 seconds, custom length, Instagram Post, Instagram Story or Spotify Canvas.

Step 4: Now you can add any other finishing features alongside trim, such as video crop, colour filters and text overlays. Once you’re happy, buy your video and share it with fans everywhere.

Check out our tutorial video below for a step by step guide on trimming videos with Rotor.

When to use Video Trim

Video Trim is the tool to use when you want a shorter version of a previously existing Rotor Video, however—Video Trim really comes into its own when combined with other tools in Rotor. Try it alongside our resize and filter tools when creating your next Spotify Canvas videos, Instagram stories and promo videos for best results.

There’s more to come!

We plan to integrate Video Trim into other parts of our service over the coming weeks and months. So if you make plenty of Rotor Videos, you’ll definitely be seeing more of those blue handles in your future. ✂️

We know this is one many of you have asked for in the past—so go give Video Trim a spin and let us know what you think!

—The Rotor Team

No footage? No problem!

At Rotor, there are thousands of beautifully-filmed clips with footage we’ve commissioned exclusively for our Rotor users. Although finding stock video is easy when you’re an independent artist, finding high-quality stock footage isn’t. At Rotor, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right visuals to showcase your song.