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How Video Changed the Music Industry

Get a quick look at how YouTube and music video have become the new way for artists to grow a fanbase. 

More than just music

The widespread introduction of music videos to the music industry transformed it from a solely audible delight to a treat for more than just one of the senses.

Music videos debuted on music channels - which saw a surge in numbers thanks to satellite TV packages. We’ve all experienced the frustrated-flicking through or worse - waiting - for a song or even a genre you like.

Suffering through the top 40 chart (according to who?!) to discover you loathe the video which made it to number 1.

And then to contend with the dreaded adverts in between. [sigh]


Enter stage left - YouTube

Then Youtube came along - and on-demand music videos became mainstream. With 5 billion videos watched per day, no artist can afford to ignore Youtube as a platform for their brand.

All of a sudden, making a “mixtape” had an updated definition, and you could make your own visual playlists full of all your favourite artists. Gone are the days of sitting with your finger hovering over the “record” button on your cassette player; trying your hardest to not record the DJ intro to the hottest new tune on the radio.

Fun fact - The first video ever uploaded to Youtube was not of a musical nature - but instead about a trip to the zoo.

Music sure took over in the course of the next 14years.


Youtube is home to a whole host of music videos, including some of the following - which have become the most iconic (and most watched) for various reasons.

Beyonce - Single Ladies 

Shot in a single take!


OK Go - Here It Goes Again

You can’t tell me this wasn’t made for Youtube!


Sinéad O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2U

That single tear rolling down her cheek - gives me chills!

Youtube has made it possible for anybody to put their music video creation in front of a huge audience, and most importantly in front of potential new fans.

Video is here to stay

With video streams counting towards chart positions, it’s safe to say that music videos are here to stay.

We think every independent artist should have a presence on Youtube, and you don’t have to have a Lady Gaga budget - you can get involved with as little as $18. Here’s one we made recently.

Get Involved

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