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January Music Videos of the Month

Introducing some of the best videos made by Rotor Video members! To help you as you refine your own music videos in Rotor Videos, we're going to start sharing what other Rotor members are making, for inspiration. Each month we'll highlight a few beauties worth checking out—to get your creative juices flowing and also show you what's possible using Rotor. Here are two of our favourites from January!

When I Sleep—by Rory Nellis

rory nellis rotor video thumbnail

We love how beautifully sound and vision align in this music video by Rory Nellis. The calm drone footage and slow cuts between clips are a perfect fit for his gentle, haunting track. Here, Rory has gone with clips all from our Anglodrome Collection for a consistent visual aesthetic, and by sticking with the Long Cuts editing style, the Rotor app has kept the edit transitions nice and simple.

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I Didn't Know—by Spitfire

spitfire rotor video thumbnail

This lyric video by Spitfire is a wicked example of getting the most out of Rotor's text overlay functionality. The lyrics are given centre stage by masking the text (set in Lobster typeface) over one of our simple brown texture clips—so while the footage's subtle changes keeps the background interesting, it never overpowers or distracts from the lyrics.

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