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London Musician Series: Aurel

In the Q&A with London-based singer Aurel, we get her take on the best London venues, her fave apps for musicians and more. 

Aurel, Singer/Songwriter

Aurel is an Italian-French singer-songwriter based in London. She started her music career as the lead singer of a band called Italian Breakfast in Italy. She was with the band for five years and played her last gig with the band in Berlin before deciding to move to London five years ago. After a painful break from music, she decided to start her solo career and she is currently working on her first solo album – to be released next year. She is a member of music incubator The Rattle.

What inspires you to be a musician? 

The fact that music allows me to be complete and incredibly happy without needing anything else. When I make music I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be and it gives me so much energy.

What is the best part about being a musician in London?

The fact that you feel like you're at the heart of all that's happening in music: the best musicians, live gigs, innovation, everything is happening here. And also the fact that the Rattle is in London and being part of the Rattle is quite unique.

What is your favourite London venue for gigs? 

My favourite venues to see gigs are the Brixton Academy and the Roundhouse. The best London venue I played is the Notting Hill Arts Club.

What is the biggest challenge you have as a musician today?

Having to manage so many things as well as writing and producing music. You have the feeling that you have the tools to do everything so you should, but sometimes you end up spending so much time doing admin tasks that you miss being able to exclusively do music.

Do you think the industry is changing for the better? 

Yes, I think that if you are hard-working and willing to take your career in your own hands then there are amazing opportunities for artists today. It is a really exciting time to be in music.

What are the three tools you could not live without?

My piano, Ableton, my phone.

Are there any new apps you have discovered and would like to recommend to other musicians?

GigRide, founded by fellow members of the Rattle, allows me to find gigs in London and I love it. Would recommend it for sure.

What are your fondest musical memories? Eg. In your house? In your neighbourhood or town?

Touring with my band, discovering new cities and travelling through the night, not knowing what to expect every time. Writing music by myself, not seeing days turn into nights and forgetting to eat because I'm so absorbed in music. Playing my first gig at the Rattle last year in May.

How do you reach your fans?

Social media, Instagram in particular.


What is it that compels you to publish music?

The feeling that I want to share my creations with the world. My music gives me a lot of positive emotions, of energy, of hope. I just want to share them with other people as well as knowing that my music makes others feel good is a great motivation to publish.

Are you actively looking for record labels? Do you think it could be a good option?

I am not actively looking for labels now as I think it's not the right time for me yet, but maybe I will be looking for labels in the future.

How do you balance your music with other passions - partner, children, job?

It is hard. My partner just moved to Philadelphia and I decided to stay in London to stay at the Rattle. It is tough but I am convinced that following your passions and being true to yourself again and again is the only way to live a fulfilling life that is really yours.

We hope you enjoyed reading Aurel's story and experiences as much as we did. You can find Aurel on Soundcloud and Instagram here

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