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London Musician Series: Berne

Read our Q&A with independent artist Berne for to learn about the best London venues to gig in, apps for musicians, and more

Berne, Singer/Songwriter

Ever since she started writing music ten years ago, she has been drawn towards writing music that is dark and dramatic. Her earlier work is inspired by individuality in a world that demands that we are the same. Nowadays, her music is inspired by environmental, social issues and injustices - and she hope that these three minute creations will encourage change.

What inspires you to be a musician? 

I feel that music is really powerful - it has the power to touch people’s hearts like nothing else can and the power to bring people together to make special things. Every time I perform, I am reminded of this power and feel encouraged to carry on. 

What is the best part about being a musician in London? 

The best part about being in London is meeting people from all over the world. The best part about being a musician in London is the many opportunities to grow as a musician, primarily through connecting with musicians and audiences from all over the world. 

What is your favourite London venue for gigs? 

One of the best London venues is upstairs at L’Escargot on Greek Street. It's pretty special especially on a starry night. 

What is the biggest challenge you have as a musician today? 

My biggest challenge as an independent artist is to strike a balance between the creating, developing, managing and promoting, all while trying to meet the demands of being a human being!

Do you think the industry is changing for the better? 

Slowly, but surely! There are lots of things in the music industry that I still can’t make sense of and that anger me but I think that there’s a space for everybody and there’s certainly a space for those who want to do it differently. It is incredibly helpful to be part of a supportive community of like-minded people whereby the success of one does not come at the expense of another. 

What are the three tools you could not live without?

Not sure that these would classify as tools but I couldn’t live without kindness, honesty and joy.

Are there any new apps you have discovered and would like to recommend to other musicians?

Someone once told me that before being artists, we are human beings and need to make sure that we are fulfilled as human beings. I recently started using a sonic meditation app called ChillScape that works wonders after a long day so I definitely recommend it.

What are your fondest musical memories? Eg. In your house? In your neighbourhood or town?

Touring with my first band, performing at Malta’s iconic Manoel Theatre, and performing on the Roundhouse Stage with Jamie Cullum and The Roundhouse Music Collective for the EFG London Jazz Festival. 

What is it that compels you to publish music?

Sometimes, songwriting is truly a magical experience. When a song chooses to make its way into the world through me, I feel a sense of duty to share it on the off chance that it sparks similar emotions. 

What is something you wish you had known sooner?

I wish I’d known sooner that we, as individuals and as members of our communities, have the power to change things around us to make the world a kinder place. 

We hope you enjoyed reading Berne's story and experiences as much as we did. To learn more, please check out her website, SoundCloud, and follow her on Instagram @soundslikeberne

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