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Meet The Rotor Team: Ciaran Bermingham

Meet Ciaran Bermingham. Our resident 3D Artist, Animator and Designer here at Rotor.

Hi, my name is Ciaran and I am an animator and 3D Artist at Rotor, creating unique and dynamic styles and collections. 

I have always loved working in the music industry. I previously worked on live visuals and branding for events and music releases. I mainly use video and photo editing software but I also have an obsession with analog, circuit bending and glitch video techniques. Working at Rotor has enabled me to expand my knowledge and the software I use daily. I explored using 3D modelling and compositing software in my first months at Rotor and I am now studying at Gnomon University to perfect my skills. 

I'm inspired in my work by interesting live visuals for music and from extraordinary work of other artists on the internet. My creative process begins with lots of research, referencing and brainstorming. Grabbing inspiration from movies, music and art. I'm always trying to learn new processes and software through workshops and taking on design competitions. 

Analog Distortion Collection

Analog Distortion is the first collection I created for Rotor. It is made entirely with analog video equipment and DIY circuit bent devices I created. Heavily inspired by old school music visuals and synthwave art. 

Brutalist Collection

Brutalist is my favourite collection I made with Rotor. Inspired by Brutalist architecture and dystopian sci-fi movies such as Blade Runner. The collection pushed my limits of 3d modelling and enabled me to learn many new techniques. 

Dirty Video Mixer

One personal project I am proud of is building a dirty video mixer and producing graphics to teach others the how to use it. A dirty video mixer is a simple soldering project which mixes 2 or more video signals resulting in glitchy visuals. There are diagrams, explanations online but not in a single infographic, so I created one and it's been shown in multiple zines and spread across the web. 


You can check out Ciaran's work on Rotor or on his Instagram.