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New Editing Styles for Your Next Music Video

Put your own twist on your video footage and make your clips flow seamlessly together when you use our easy-to-apply video effects.

Vertical Grid

Use our Vertical Grid style to strike your clips with the energy of a lightning bolt. This editing effect splits your clips into a checkerboard-style of vertical tiles. It adds flashes of colour to your footage, interchanging between rainbow and monochrome. We recommend applying Vertical Grid when you have used lots of visually or stylistically different clips in your music video- it’s great for pulling your footage together to create one fully unified look. The glitchy appearance of Vertical Grid works well with high tempo music, especially electronic, rock and hip-hop tracks but don’t be afraid to experiment with slow paced songs for an unique video.

Sonic Glitch

We love how our Sonic Glitch style adds a futuristic and erratic quality to footage. The temperamental glitch effect is based on the intensity of your track and the strength of the bass in your song. Sonic Glitch adds a film grain (like you’d see at the movies) and flashes of rainbow colour to hold your fans attention. This eye-catching video style could be paired with any music genre and works well with our Run With Us collection, but we’ve yet to find footage it doesn't look good with.


Looking to drench your footage in vibrant colours for a wow factor? Our Cassiopeia editing and effects style is a compelling feast for the eyes. Simple but effective, it transitions between bright and bold bands of colour and chooses clips at random to mirror and add flickering effects to. This mid-intensity style works well with electronica tracks and any of our clip collections.


Looking for a retro 80s tv feel? This editing effect adds pixelated screen overlays to your footage to create the feel of an old analogue tv with ghosting issues. The slight red, green and blue colouring makes footage pop no matter the colour scheme. This effect also adds an audio-reactive screen flicker to your footage and a bar of interference that rolls horizontally across the screen for an authentic retro look. We especially love the results when it's used with our Animation collection.

No footage? No problem!

At Rotor, there are thousands of beautifully-filmed clips with footage we’ve commissioned exclusively for our Rotor users. Although finding stock video is easy when you’re an independent artist, finding high-quality stock footage isn’t. At Rotor, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right visuals to showcase your song.