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Rotor: Now and Then

See what's next in our music video app to boost fan engagement, including EPKs, promo videos & lyric videos

We’ve got a lot of ideas. Probably too many, which is why we need to prioritise which ones to execute first. That’s always a tough decision.

In the first round of development we spent a lot of time creating Rotor as you see it now. It works and we love it, but it’s merely a taste of what we can do. There’s a lot more to come. We went through several UI iterations and just managed to get to something we were all happy with as our first demonstration. Now it’s time to move forward.

There are several key aspects of Rotor which we will be able to integrate in the next phase of development. We’re very excited about some them and we will talk a bit more about that in the future. For now, here’s an introduction to some of the tools that will help you and the type of videos you can expect to create with the next version:

New Video Categories

(note that the videos below were not created in rotor and are being used solely as reference)


It’s your music video, so it should have your name on it. So we’ll be building a way for you to add creative titles. You’ll be able to do this for all videos you create with Rotor and we have a host of options in store.


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Promo Videos

Want to release a video promoting your next gig, your next album or latest release? Or maybe you’re a label that wants to promote new artists and events? You’ll be able to do all of that. Upload artwork, release and tour dates, pre-release demos or just a teaser video to whet the appetite of your fans. Rotor Videos will give you the tools to do all of this and more.

Electronic Press Kit & Distribution

Take your promos to the next level with an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) - all contained within a shareable video. Enter your bio, pics, demos and links and easily distribute your EPK video. We’ll be working towards integration with YouTube Cards, YouTube for Artists and Apple Connect to help you tell your story to as many fans as possible, build an audience and track your videos for collecting royalties/revenues.

Lyrics Videos

Lyrics videos are a great way to engage your fans before releasing your official video. Enter your lyrics into Rotor, attach them to your song and quickly release a lyric video that will get your audience familiarised with your track before you take it to the next level.

Fan Videos

Don’t forget about your fans. Take them on your journey with you and they’ll love you forever! You can release the chorus or the ‘best bit’ of your song and let them create their own performance video to share with everyone they know. You can also track these too to collect royalties, so why not reward them with a free track or VIP to your next gig?


Combining the different types of videos Rotor has to offer and Rotor’s subscription services, we can help any artist create all the videos they need for all the different formats - Vine, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook - easily and quickly. Using this service will be a powerful tool for getting your music out there!

We think that’s enough for now, but it’s by no means the end of the story! For creating videos, promos, EPK’s and for engaging fans with compelling content - Rotor has it covered. Come with us on the next step in our journey - or better yet - why not become part of Rotor by helping us make it all happen by joining our crowdfunding campaign.


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