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Working with WARM

New radio airplay monitoring service makes it easy for music creators to know when your songs have been played anywhere.

Lots of exciting things are happening at Rotor at the moment and today we're pleased to announce a collaboration with the guys over at WARM. If you don’t know about them yet, and you want to know if your song is being played on the radio (anywhere in the world!) we suggest you read on…

WARM is the first large-scale radio airplay monitoring service built solely for the purpose of giving indie musicians and music professionals transparency when it comes to radio airplay.

The service uses audio fingerprint technology to match audio on radio with mp3 files and their database is currently home to 27 million songs and 25,000 radio stations in 130 countries. By using WARM, anyone can monitor any song in real-time on radio stations all over the world.

With music consumption more global than ever, getting insight into their radio airplay is crucial for independent artists as it allows them to optimize their radio promotion, improve tour booking, focus their marketing efforts and control their royalty collection.

Our collaboration

Digital technology continues to shift more and more power into the hands of artists and creators in the music industry - about time, right? Both WARM and Rotor are on a mission to empower indie artists and provide them with the tools they need to realise both their creative and commercial potential. For this reason we are delighted to be working together, and excited for you guys to get to know WARM.

Want to try them out for free? Go check them out here: