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August Music Videos of the Month

Check out the best music videos made last month in Rotor and see what ideas you can apply to your next music video to make it even better.

Sober Me Up (Lyric Video) by MARS & Perrin Xthona

This catchy track by MARS & Perrin Xthona could easily be found in next month's Top 40! For this simple but captivating lyric video, the artists used stock footage from our Blackout Collection along with our Cuts video editing style. Sticking with monochromatic animations gives the video visual consistency and interest while letting the lyrics be the hero. And setting the lyrics on that solid turquoise background was a winning move. Sometimes artists put their lyrics on screen but forget to pay attention to contrast and readability (in other words, how easy it is to see the text against the action, brightness or darkness of the background in every scene). In Sober Me Up, you can see the lyrics clearly and sing along with no trouble—which is a good thing—cause once you hear this track you’re gonna be singing it for the next week!

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Dominoes by Lisa Richards

Don't let the sweet, innocent tone of Lisa Richard's vocals fool you. Her track Dominoes, the second single from her sixth album, is a mournful, wistful, reflective song about growing up young, confused, and out of control in her hometown of Townsville North Queensland, Australia. “Alcohol and drugs were my close friends,” she told Rhythms Magazine in August. “I was super confused about men, women, sex and relationships. I remember having this desperate need to be loved and desired and the suicidal spiral that would come over me when I was rejected...I hung out with a gang of equally confused people and we were like dominoes!”

Her narrative video brings a fragment of that past to life with just stock footage. Her selection of low action, slow motion, and slow panning clips from our Urban Outtakes, City and Streets, Water Blade, Run With Us, Flatmates, Belfast Youth and Skate collections are a great match for the pace of her track and also intensify the weary, melancholy vibes. By pairing these with our Cinematic video editing style, she’s given her video a filmic quality with epic transitions between clips. Dominoes hits you in the feels and stands out as one of strongest, most audio-visually cohesive videos we’ve seen from our Rotor community.

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A Drop of Dew by Elisa Minelli

It's fantastic to see classical musicians using video to promote their music, too, and this beautiful track by Elisa Minelli deserves to be brought to life with visuals. According to Minelli, she composed the piece to embody the “awakening of nature”, and the soft, warmly lit clips that she chose from our Sakura Dreams, Anglodrone and Nature stock video collections perfectly complement the sweet, melodious tones of her contemporary classical piano piece. We’ll definitely be adding this track to our chill-out playlist!

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Time Is On My Side (Official Music Video) by ATTN Deficit Squirrel

For this track about seeking forgiveness after breaking trust in a relationship, ATTN Deficit Squirrel has built a narrative video that shows the tale of the friction and fallout that occurs when a boyfriend pays too much attention to his girlfriend’s friend on a couples day out. It’s a well sequenced use of the clips from our People and Couples collections, and we like the use of our Cinematic video editing style with the footage to add slower, deeper transitions between each clip and black bars at the top and bottom of the video for a true cinematic feel.

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Love Locked by Marc Matthews (feat. OMMIEH) (Lyric Video)

Marc Mattthews has really got the hang of making awesome music videos with Rotor. This video for Love Unlocked is his second appearance in our Video of The Month blog (both videos are superb!), but it's the first lyric video we've seen from him. The powerful female vocals sound amazing in this synth bass track, and the typing effect used for the lyric text is cool-almost like a karaoke video. He used footage from our Run With Us collection and got that split screen effect by applying our Vertical Grid editing style. It's dynamic, energetic and sure to be a hit with his fans.

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