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July Music Videos of the Month

Get inspired by the best music videos and lyric videos made last month by Rotor Videos customers.

Headlights by Neena B (Official Music Video)

We immediately fell for this haunting, electronic track and dark, moody music video. Neena B used a combination of her own footage and more than ten of our collections: Travel, Timelapse, Destruction, City and Streets, Retro, Random, Slow Motion, Tunnels, Music, Run With Us and Dance. We especially love the original footage of the girl in the skull mask. Using our Nitty Gritty video editing style was a great creative direction to take—perfect for adding quick transitions. It amplifies the moodiness while unifying clips from lots of different collections. This is a perfect example of the type of striking music video you can make on a budget without leaving your house.

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A Thousand Dances (Spacefunk Dub) by Spiritchaser

Looking for your feel-good, electronic anthem of the summer? Then you need to add A Thousand Dances to your playlist. Spiritchaser chose space-themed and animated clips from our Visuals and Space collections, tying in perfectly with their Spacefunk Dub genre. The footage looks great with our VHS Vision video editing and effects style, which adds static and analog glitch transitions every 16 beats. We love how VHS Vision brings the artist's own static image to life by adding that ‘found-footage’ effect. This track is the perfect way to be introduced to the awesome Spacefunk Dub genre. Spiritchaser is definitely staying on our radar.

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Selfish by Dezi Leon

Sometimes less is more, and here Dezi Leon has created a captivating music video using clips from only one collection in our stock footage library. The fun, flirty and energetic dance clips taken from our Urban Outtakes collection matches with her feisty lyrics and strong track. Text overlays highlight the track and artist name—important for helping first-time viewers find you again later. And while we usually see our Long Cuts video editing style used on slower tracks to play the entire clip before it transitions, we really like how Dezi used it here to get the full impact of the dance footage.

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Honourable mention

There were so many great videos to choose from this month that it was tough to narrow it down. Here’s one more that we thought was worth a mention.

Pain by D the Delinquent ft AJ Lopez (Lyric Video)

D the Delinquent gets a shout out for truly making the lyrics the hero of this lyric video. You can see that big effort went into this, going beyond simple text on screen to try to tell a story, express feeling and personality, and deliver a show through the letterforms. Loads of different fonts appear, spin, split, pulse, bounce, grow and shrink on screen to keep your attention and emphasise key lyrics (we stopped counting at 10 fonts). The combination of stock footage from our Neon Party, Belfast Youth, Run With Us, Future Revelation, Urban Outtakes, Fairground and Lovers collections behind the lyrics could have been a little distracting, but D the Delinquent was smart—picking clips with no action to ensure the lyrics stay the main focus. Even though the entire lyric video wasn’t made in Rotor, we’re still fans! (The video was built in Rotor using our clips and VHS Vision video editing style for the cool glitch and static effects, and the animated lyrics were added later using a different tool.) It’s a catchy track and definitely worth a watch and a sing-a-long.

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