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May Music Videos of the Month

Every month we're wowed by the creative music videos you're making in Rotor. Take a look at the top three that caught our eye in May.

Jigsaw (NJW Remix) by Amber T 

This tune by Amber T should definitely be the next hot track for your summer party playlist. Her video features clips from six Rotor collections: Carnival, Drones, Beach and Sea, Vapor, Visuals and City and Streets. While sometimes integrating clips from so many different collections can look disjointed because of different lighting, feature colours, and colour saturation, that’s not the case here. Why? Because she made a great creative choice to use our Quaker editing and effects style in order to turn all the clips black and white and unify them. The way Quaker makes clips explode on the drop while overlaying bright blue and red VHS style glitch effects is also well suited to the fast tempo of her electronic track. So take some inspiration from Amber T’s boldness and don’t be afraid to mix and match your clips. Kudos to Amber T for this fierce track and awesome, unique video to match. 

For more from Amber T, follow her on YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and her website.  

For the Ones Who Run by Smalltown Poets 

Smalltown Poets have made a condensed teaser video that dives straight into the hook of the track—perfect for reeling in listeners from the get go. The song has a really nostalgic, romantic, anthem feel about it, which is supremely appealing. And we love how the band has created a performance music video merged with narrative elements by blending personal footage of live performances with curated stock footage from our library. The clips from our Run With Us, People and Couples, Urban Outtakes, Music, and Water Blade collections add a high-energy, youthful vibe—almost like a day in the life of a group of best friends. And those overlays from our Underground editing style obscure the visuals just the right amount to amplify that nostalgic flashback feeling. This compelling teaser certainly did the job—we were straight on to Spotify to listen to the full track. 

For more from Smalltown Poets, follow them on YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and their website

Clarity by Jacob Wood

The simplicity and serenity of Jacob Wood’s music video matches his mellow instrumental track Clarity. Picking clips from Rotor’s Nature and Drone collections was a great angle to go for. The video’s nature scenes with slow cuts perfectly complements the relaxing melody. Jacob has used our India video editing style which creates a hued lens-flare effect and adds an extra touch of warmth to the scenes. This track is definitely one to add to your chill-out playlist.  

For more from Jacob Wood, follow him on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and Facebook

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