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February Music Videos of the Month

Want some inspiration for your next music video? Check out the best music videos made this month by Rotor users.

Last month we introduced our customer videos of the month. Since then we’ve loved checking out all the videos you’ve been tagging online with #rotorvideos (keep it up!). Here are two of our top picks from February! 

Hex—by Racing Mars

This video by Racing Mars is a great example of a performance music video and shows how effective minimalist music videos can be when you use the right editing and effects style. They've made themselves the star of the show by using original footage throughout (you knew you could upload your own shots to Rotor to give your own, unique, flavour to your videos, right?). The simple, single, continuous shot is an ideal no-fuss no-muss fit for this classic rock, post punk track, and by using Rotor's Don't Move style with their footage, they've given their music video an extra dose of visual grit and discord.

Follow Racing Mars on their website, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify.


Awakening—by Shtuder


For his video Awakening, Indie artist Shtuder stuck to our Neon Party collection and shows how good a video can look when you use clips from a single collection. The slow, fluid pace of movement within the collection is a fantastic match for his audio, and the visual cohesion and consistency of the clips help his experimental folktronic track take the foreground rather than be overpowered. He explains that the visuals represent, “when the character understands that his life is just a game with a mission and starts to remember the life before the game started.” We think his clip selection definitely gets the narrative across. And his use of our India editing and effects style adds sharp, moody colours and lovely smooth light-leak transitions over the clips.

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