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March Music Videos of the Month

Need some inspiration for your next music video? Check out the best music videos made in March by Rotor users.

Have you been tagging us online at #rotorvideos? We love watching your music videos made with Rotor, so we have handpicked some of our favourites to share with you. Here’s three of our top picks from March.  

Sick Flow by Nite Owl 

We love the music video hip hop artist Nite Owl has created for his track Sick Flow in response to COVID-19. Sick Flow was written for Los Angeles radio station 93.5 FM to uplift their listeners. This video features some original footage plus clips taken from 10 Rotor collections including People and Couples, Urban Outtakes, Water Blade and Travel. The team behind Nite Owl said they picked clips based on people since COVID-19 has affected individuals around the globe. The end result is a video that provides visuals perfectly aligned with the hard-hitting and current lyrics from the Sick Flow track. Nite Owl has used our Beats and Bars editing style which works perfectly with the beat oriented track and the hip hop genre.  

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Odd by Hunter

This is a wicked example of how using stock footage can create a visually stunning music video. Hunter has used clips from different Rotor collections including Future Revelation, Belfast Youth and Blackout. These clips have brought a futuristic and dynamic energy to this music video that works great with the electronic track. We love how our Church editing style has been used to seamlessly blend the clips together. The diagonal cuts and pink hues of Church add variety and a modern twist to the mix of clips. This music video shows how combining collections with the right editing style can result in a slick music video. 

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Interstellar by Ralfsgar

Interstellar is a great example of how using a combination of clips from different collections can create an enticing video. The motion graphic clips taken from Visuals, Oil and Water, Blackout, Timelapse and Space give an exciting and energetic vibe to compliment the track. Ralfsgar has also included some text overlays with the title of the song throughout the video. Our Retro editing style has been applied to this music video, giving the clips a black and white effect. We love the combination of the modern clips with the old school style of this electronica track. The music video for Interstellar definitely lives up to its name - it’s out of this world!

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