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Getting the Best Music Video Edit for Your Song

Learn how Rotor Videos makes editing music videos easier with automatic editing recommendations to suit your song. 

What is a style? Well if you look it up in the Oxford dictionary, you’ll get something like this…


  • A particular procedure by which something is done; a manner or way.

  • A distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.

We use styles at Rotor to determine the above-mentioned “appearance” of the music video you produce. Our styles listen out for events in your audio track and use these to trigger transitions/cuts, effects and filters in your music video.

This means that your image/clip on screen will change on the count of the beat, and the rate of change is determined by the pace set by your track.

But how do you pick the best style for your track?

Before now, there was a bit too much luck involved for our liking. So we’ve done something pretty drastic to change that.

Now, when you upload your track, we use machine learning to analyse and recommend a style.

Each style has been designed by music video artists and directors who prescribe the “perfect” track to accompany their video recipe. The recommendations are curated from years of making music videos and are designed to save you time when editing music videos and rely on a little less luck.

Next time you make a music video, we’re going to recommend the 6 styles we think will work best with your audio track and your chosen clips.

Sure you can choose to use “no style” - but that’s almost as bad as ordering “plain-ish” in Nandos!


Peace out ✌️ - Rotor