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Create EDM Music Videos with Quaker Effects

Check out our new Quaker music video editing and effects style. It's a great fit for EDM music videos. 

Quaker is our latest style release and was created by video artist Shakinda aka Graham Robinson. 

Graham has performed live visuals to over 250,000 people around the world. He has also worked alongside top DJs David Guetta, Paul Van Dyk, John Digweed, Axwell, and many others, where he gained significant experience in making visuals for electronic music. He's the latest addition to Rotor creative team.

"When I joined rotor I was excited to get my hands on the building blocks of our styles, which control how music videos are editing to your track. We have some great new features which find the different parts of a track and so this allowed me to work with the beat tracking tools to create Quaker a style which I feel will work really well with a breadth of electronic music. You can of course try it with any genre :)" Graham

A quick tutorial: Quaker style

Rotor Videos is very easy to use, but behind the simplicity is an amazing amount of hard work and clever code, which analyses your track to cut together our in house video content or the clips you upload, creating a unique music video to help you promote your latest release.

To give you a better idea of how this works Graham will take you through a quick tutorial of how to make a music video with Rotor. Check out the video below.

Craving a music video for your music? Sign up to Rotor for free today if you haven't already, and get creating your music video in just minutes!