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New Video Clips & Collections this Autumn

Searching for footage for your music video? We've just dropped five new video collections with over 300 clips for you to choose from. Just pick your clips and let Rotor handle the video editing.

Making a music video doesn't need to be a stressful experience that blows the budget. That's why Rotor has done the hard work for you. We've just dropped five new high-quality video collections, so you can make the music video of your dreams from the comfort of your own home.

2020 Vision

If you're looking for contemporary, futuristic footage to match your upbeat, energetic track, then our 2020 Vision collection is for you. 2020 Vision was created to represent all the thoughts and feelings that came with the bewildering events of the past year. This collection features 2D and 3D animations, digital collages of different shapes and modern, motion graphics of machine-like humans. You'll also find some clips featuring kinetic typography spelling out words associated with 2020. Our 2020 Vision collection works great with electronic music and tracks with a fast-tempo. Pair it with our Wallop video editing style for a visually eye-catching and spirited music video.


Take your fans on an iridescent, dreamy trip below the surface of the deep, blue sea with clips from our Underwater collection. With footage shot by the Mediterranean sea in Malta, you're sure to hypnotise your fans with footage of gentle waves, ocean bubbles and sunbeams. Many of the clips were shot up close and in slow motion adding to the weightless, dream-like vibe. Our Underwater collection works well with low-tempo, electronic, sunny pop music or any track with an ethereal feel to it. We recommend using our VHS, Cinematic, Long Cuts or Dissolved video editing styles with this collection, but don't be afraid to experiment.

Dark Edge

Bring your fans to the dark side with our haunting Dark Edge collection. This gothic footage will definitely capture your viewers' attention thanks to visuals of spine-chilling spiders, eerie forests and the distorted innards of fighter jets. Our Dark Edge collection features mirroring and strobe effects, occasional glitches and is entirely monochrome (if the clips weren't dramatic enough!) Try this collection with more aggressive genres like techno, hard rock and gangster rap. We recommend using our Quaker, Mixtape and Mooncat editing styles with this collection if you want a spooky music video to remember.

Shout Out: Keep your eyes peeled in this collection for footage of the Dark Hedges (aka the Kingsroad) from the famous Game of Thrones series.


The raw, unedited footage taken on a vintage camcorder from our VHS collection shows the pure beauty of Croatia on a hot summer's day. Our VHS collection creates a nostalgic feel thanks to the warm saturated colours and untreated, grainy effect. We love how this collection looks like it's been taken straight from holiday footage of the 1970s. Try it with any music genre or any editing style but we think it compliments mellow and romantic tracks best.


Our Lockdown collection represents the isolation and repetition many people have felt during the 2020 pandemic. It follows themes including working from home, boredom, loneliness and the wider shutdown of society by featuring clips of pulled shutters and empty transport. Our Lockdown collection is a combination of filmed footage, animated clips and graphic typography. Use this collection with a combination of your own clips for a unique video. Our Lockdown collection works well with any music genre or video editing style.

No footage? No problem!

At Rotor, there are thousands of beautifully-filmed clips with footage we've commissioned exclusively for our Rotor users. Although finding stock video is easy when you're an independent artist, finding high-quality stock footage isn't. At Rotor, we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right visuals to showcase your song.