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Make Spotify Canvas Videos in Rotor

Did you know you can make Spotify Canvas videos quickly in Rotor? Watch Eoghan show you how.

Good news! We’ve just released a few minor improvements to make it easy for you to make Spotify Canvas videos in Rotor. We have more Canvas-friendly features coming soon, but for now, these changes mean you can make three types of Spotify Canvas videos quickly and affordably from scratch. Watch my video below for a guided walk-through of how to do it.


Requirements for Spotify Canvas videos

You just need to remember a few things when making Spotify Canvas videos. Every video you upload must be: 

  • a vertical video (9:16 ratio);
  • at least 720px tall;
  • OVER 4 seconds long and UNDER 8 seconds long (a video that’s exactly 8 seconds long will be rejected when you try to upload it); and
  • in MP4 format.

As long as you get #3 right when you upload your audio or trim it in Rotor, we’ll handle the rest. All of our vertical videos are Spotify Canvas compatible, as they’re automatically 9:16 ratio, 1920px tall (well over Spotify’s minimum height), and every video you download from Rotor is MP4 format.

Your Spotify Canvas audio

While a Spotify Canvas video doesn’t have to include audio (because the Spotify player is playing your track for the listener), you do need to start with audio in order to make a video in Rotor—because our app uses the length of your audio to set the length of your video. You can either:

  • trim your audio in another tool and upload the snippet to Rotor;
  • upload your full audio and use our audio trim feature to cut it down; or
  • click Borrow One, pick any track, and use our audio trim feature to cut it down to the right length.

Make 3 types of Spotify Canvas videos in Rotor

At the minute we’re working on new styles specially designed for Spotify Canvas videos, but here are the three ways you can create a Canvas video with Rotor right now.

Make a basic Hard Cut Loop video

It’s super simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Trim your audio to any length between 4 and 7.9 seconds.
  2. Select any style and pick vertical (9x16) for your shape.
  3. Pick your clip from our collection of stock videos.
  4. Hit render! That’s it!

Make a Boomerang video

  1. Trim your audio to between 0 and 8 seconds, like this:
  2. Select Boomerang as your Rotor style and choose the vertical shape option.
  3. Rotor Videos Style selector

  4. Pick only 1 clip (not more than one) and hit render!

Make a Continuous Loop video

  1. Trim your audio to 7 seconds, and set your Start and End times at 1 and 8 seconds.
  2. Select our Fade & Repeat editing and effects style, and remember to choose vertical for your shape.
  3. Rotor Videos audio trimmer

  4. Select only 1 clip (pick more than one clip and this won’t work). That’s it!

Render, download your finished video, upload it to Spotify, and you’ll have what looks like a neverending video.

Uploading videos to Spotify Canvas

Any videos you make using these three methods will be compatible with Spotify Canvas, just:

  • Log in using your artist Spotify Artist portal.
  • Select the song that you want to use the video for.
  • Click on Add Canvas on the top right.

Simple as that. Now you can create your own Canvas videos for all your tracks. We recommend you even change them up from time to time, and check out these 10 Tips from Spotify, themselves, to get the most from your Canvas videos.

Becoming a Spotify Verified Artist

Before you can upload videos to Canvas, you need to become a verified artist on Spotify. It’s how you let the world know that your Spotify profile belongs to you and is your official account. If your music distribution service hasn’t already done this for you, or you don’t use a distro service, here’s how to do it yourself:

  • Claim your profile on Spotify for Artists by logging in.
  • Click the Get Access button in the top right corner of the page
  • Either search for your profile, or enter your Spotify profile’s URL.

Once Spotify accepts your request, they’ll give your profile its blue verified check mark, and you’re all set. It typically only takes Spotify a few days.

Fast, fab and affordable video creation

Rotor pricing

Rotor Videos subscribers get unlimited shortform videos, so if you’re on a monthly or annual plan with us, it won’t cost you anything extra to create Spotify Canvas videos for all of your tracks. If you don’t have a Rotor subscription, you can make your Spotify Canvas videos starting at just $6 each (depending on if you want an SD download or an HD video).

Spotify Canvas videos made with Rotor

Rotor Video playing in Spotify Canvas

Check out Ordnance Survey's Ampere in the Spotify App for an example of a whole album of Canvas vids made with Rotor!