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Spotify's Latest Update: Why you NEED to be making Canvas Videos #StreamOn

Last month Spotify announced the next stage of their evolution. Focusing on the experience for both artists and users, Spotify's latest update will dive deeper into discoverability and nurturing those connections, making canvas videos the secret to a bigger audience.

Deeper Discovery and Connection

In earlier iterations, Spotify’s release of canvas videos held a simple aesthetic purpose. As the news feed model became even more popular with Tiktok’s take over, more importance has been placed on visual content. 

Canvas videos became another chance for artists to share their art with users. 3 years later and Canvas videos now have a quantifiable purpose, audience reach and discoverability.

From a new Discovery feed where your canvas videos will appear in easy to search playlists to visual and audio previews, there is now a huge emphasis on users engaging more with the platform. More eyes = more ears.

Image: Spotify - For The Record Blog

So, How Can We Help?

Spotify's announcement takes your canvas videos from “nice to have” to a necessity if you want to increase your audience on the platform. Luckily, with Rotor’s Canvas Creator, artists can make their canvas videos effortlessly for EPs and Catalogues.

In four easy steps you can:
    - Choose from over one million clips in our stock library
    - More editing control with our easy to use tools
    - Premium visual effects to make your clip of choice pop!
    - Sleek looping features to finish off your video.

To start creating, check out our Canvas Creator NOW! 

For more information on our Canvas Creator and how to get started, check out 'How to Make a Canvas Video in Rotor' on The Rotor Blog.


For a full insight into the latest Spotify updates, you can check out the announcement - 'Spotify's New Experience Inspires Deeper Discovery'