How to Make a Promo Video

band on stage in promotional video

Learn how to make a promotional video with Rotor to increase fan engagement when dropping a new release.

We all know Rotor's the place to go if you want professional music videos made with ease. Now, you can do this for your promotional videos too! It's cool to drop music videos sporadically, but if you really want to build momentum and engage your audience, you're going to need to do a bit more.

Short-form promotional videos are vital to building expectations and launching a successful music campaign. So, we thought we'd shed a little light on how to make promotional videos with Rotor.

Here's some guidance to our new interface and overlays tool - you'll have some awesome promo videos in no time!

Why Use a Promo Video?

If you're announcing a new release or promoting an upcoming gig, a short video lasting between 15 - 60 seconds is a great way to go. Why not share a demo or hook to your new song to build anticipation?

These types of videos increase fan engagement and are seriously easy to make. If you want to give your fanbase something to connect to, share or discover, you can't go wrong with a promo video!

Create a Preview

Firstly, you need to create a preview of your video - the foundation of all videos in Rotor. Your preview allows you to see what your video will look like after the clips you have added are edited together and the effects (if any) are applied. Creating your preview is simple:

  1. Upload Your Music
  2. Pick a Video Style
  3. Add Clips

upload music


Upload Your Music

Pick a great track to match your promotional video; this can an MP3, WAV, AAC or OGG file. Once it’s uploaded, you will get the option to 'Trim Your Audio'. Rotor creates your video to the same length as your chosen music track; so, if you want a short promo video, you just need to trim the song.

Alternatively, you can choose from Rotor’s presets to create videos that are 15seconds, 30seconds and 60seconds long. Click and drag the green selection to your desired part of the track.

Trim the video


Pick A Video Style

Rotor has a catalogue of epic video styles, designed by experienced video directors and visual artists. The styles will give your video it’s looks and it’s editing style, so choose wisely!

You can choose styles based on type of music, or you can try and test them until you find what works for you. Each style comes with a preview, so you can see exactly what your video will look like.

video styles


Add Clips

You can add your own clips or pictures in 'My Uploads' and use them in any video you make. Either mix them with our 'Free Stock Library' or you can use all of our clips.

Rotor has many categories for you to choose from, which work with a variety of themes. Each category contains clips that all work together; however, you can also take clips from several categories to get some interesting results!

video clips on rotor

When you choose your clips, they will appear in your video in the order you have chosen them. Drag the clips to rearrange the order until you’re happy. Once you’ve finished, you can create your preview. Rotor let’s you create as many previews and make as many changes as you like. It will keep each version you make, so you can always go back to the previous ones!


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Add Overlays

Now that you’ve got a preview that you like, you can add some text to promote your music, your event or you as an artist. Beside the preview is an option to 'Add Overlays', click it and you’ll open up the 'Overlay Editor'.

The first thing you’ll see is your video preview along with the option to choose a Template and the waveform of your music at the bottom.


video overlays for promo video


You can choose an overlay template to get you started. These have some overlays already set up, such as Intro/Outro that adds text to the beginning and end of your song.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use templates, you can simply drag over the waveform to create overlays that will appear over that part of the song and video.

The Overlay Editor allows you to:

  • Input Text
  • Change Font
  • Make Text Bold
  • Change Alignment
  • Change Text Size
  • Change Text Colour
  • Add/Remove Text Background Colour


There are also two style options: one for normal text and one for cutout text. Cutout shows your video through the text and blacks everything else out (it’s quite cool, try it!).

Once you enter text and click save, you can click it on the video preview to drag it wherever you like. You can resize it and rotate it, if that’s your thing. JUST BE SURE TO CLICK SAVE WITH EVERY CHANGE YOU MAKE!

When you’ve made some edits to your text, click save before doing anything else.


overlay edit for promo video


If you click the play button while the editor is open, the video will just play the segment where the overlay appears. You can add Layers to your overlay, so it doesn’t just have to consist of one piece of text – you can have as many as you like. Enjoy it!


Click Done when you’re finished and you’ll see the Overlay you’ve just added. You can drag on the waveform to add more, drag existing overlays to a new position in the video or copy an overlay.

When you copy an overlay, it will create an exact copy that appears in the video immediately after the original. This is for convenience, in case you want pieces of text to appear one after the other. If not, you can just drag it to a new position.


video overlays


Click 'Done' when you’re finished and your video is ready to go! When you go back to the main preview, your overlays will appear in the video.

Now you’re ready to buy your promo video and start engaging with your fanbase. Below is a quick demo promo video we made earlier.


So, what are you waiting for? Get creating your promotional video with Rotor video here!