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June Music Videos of the Month

We love the originality in the music videos you guys have been making. So much so that we’re sharing them with our entire Rotor community! Check out four of the top music videos made in June.

Waiting on Your Call by Marc Matthews (feat. Sophie Defrench) 

We love this narrative music video with an abstract twist by Marc Matthews. The slow motion style of the clips matches the tempo of the track and amplifies the romance and drama of the melody. Choosing our Water Blade collection was a great call and pairs well with the deep lyrics. Using our Cinematic video editing style elevates the music video even more. Doesn’t it make you feel like you’re watching a movie with his song as the soundtrack? We want to find out what happens next! 

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U2 - Pride (In The Name Of Love) cover by Andrea Artale feat. Marco Fazio 

The way Andrea Artale and Marco Fazio have blended their own footage with an array of clips from our collections is nothing short of impressive. This #blacklivesmatter tribute is a great example of a performance and narrative hybrid video. It’s awesome to see the artists engaging with the camera—personalising the video in between cutaways to scenes of diverse youths in the city streets and black performers. The artists used clips from our Run With Us, Urban Outtakes, Future Revelation, City and Streets, Gritty, Visuals and Timelapse collections. Picking our Quaker video editing style was paramount in stitching these varied clips together to fit as one complete video. Quaker’s shake and glitch effect adds drama and tension to this anthem about civil rights and equality, and the video succeeds in gripping your attention from beginning to end. 

Follow Marco Fazio on YouTube or their band Musaiko.  

“Qoor Ingkaat” (Pick It Up) by A2VT

Wowza! The energy doesn’t stop in this upbeat and eye-catching music video made by Burlington Vermont’s A2VT. Making a music video with your own footage is a great way to show off your personality as an artist, and this one really gives us a taste of who these guys are. A2VT kept it simple and fun with enthusiastic dance moves that make you want to get up and join in. We wouldn’t be surprised if that dance routine ends up as the next viral Tik Tok challenge. They paired their own clips with some stock footage from our Urban Outtakes collection, and then used our Beats and Bars video editing and effects style to create a single unified look and add some split screen effects. Add this track to your playlist for when you want to ‘pick it up’ and submerge yourself in good vibes.   

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Amnesia by Brittk 

Brittk couldn’t have chosen better visuals for a song about forgetting than a full visualizer video of abstract digitised clouds from our Vapor collection. The imagery of smoke, animated clouds, and the psychedelic colours of Vapor’s clips tie perfectly with the dreamlike quality of the track. The artist has used our Cuts video editing style which simply edits your clips together in time with your song and keeps the focus on your music. We love how the simplicity of this music video lets fans appreciate the dreamy track. 

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Honourable mentions

There were so many great videos to choose from this month that it was tough to narrow it down. Here are two more that we thought were worthy of a shout out.  

Sorry That It’s Always Good by IDLER 

This music video is indie with a capital “I” and weird in the absolutely best way. IDLER has created something unique. The track’s tempo, the hefty reverb on his vocals, and the black and white visuals immediately engulf you in moody melancholia—while his eclectic clip selection paired with grainy overlays and shadows makes it feel like we’re peering into someone else’s dream. IDLER used a combination of Rotor stock video clips with original footage, binding the visuals together with our Retro video editing and effects style. It’s magnetic and definitely worth the watch. Watch it here on YouTube

Ruined That by Ella Rose Oliveras 

The track Ruined That by emerging artist Ella Rose Oliveras is such an earworm—we can’t get it out of our heads. This is a fantastic first-ever music video effort by the talented teen. We love the dance style stock footage Ella chose for her lyric video. It really adds to the energy of the track. Ella, if you want some simple tips to make your next Rotor video even better, drop us a line! Meanwhile, we’ll be adding this track to our playlist to turn up the feel good factor! Watch it here on YouTube. 

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