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April Music Videos of the Month

Take a look at the best music videos made this month by Rotor Videos users and see what sparks your creativity.

Wowsa the quality of videos being made by our Rotor Videos community just keeps getting better and better. You folks have been making some truly epic music videos lately! 

Before you storyboard your next music video, check out these gems from April to get your creative juices going and see just how great a video made in Rotor can turn out. 

Dance (feat. Helena May) by Redtenbacher’s Funkestra—the Beat Fatigue Glitch Funk Remix  

It’s impossible not to be lured in by this infectious tune and awesome video. We love how Beat Fatigue took an already crackin’ Nu Disco track by Redtenbacher’s Funkestra and cranked the funk right up to get you in the groove. 

By thinking outside the box, Redtenbacher’s Funkestra have created an impressive and original video that gives them an unique edge. The artists have paired a series of vintage French postcard stills with our Stream editing and effects style and text overlays. The Stream style adds bold coloured filters, data and glitches over the artwork footage while cross-fading from one clip to the next. They’ve managed to make a music video that’s just as fun and vibrant as the track itself.

For more from Redtenbacher’s Funkestra, follow them on website, YouTube, Bandcamp, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, and Spotify.  

Faded Away by Louise And The Feathers 

If you love mellow and haunting melodies, then make sure to add Faded Away to your next playlist. In this music video, Louise and The Feathers combined clips from our Anglodrone, Forest Hike and Nature collections and applied our Long Cuts editing style (which always works great with slower and longer tracks). Their video proves that you don’t always need to feature people to create an eye-catching music video. 

If you want more like Faded Away, follow Louise and the Feathers on YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, and Bandcamp.  

Locked In by Aspen Wood 

At a loss at how to make a music video during lockdown? Aspen Wood has got this covered. Woods’ track Locked In, written in response to the current Coronavirus crisis, is something we can all relate to. But being locked in hasn’t stopped Wood from making a quality music video in her own home. 

This is one of the first mobile/vertical videos we’ve seen from Rotor users, and Wood absolutely nailed it. She used her own clips (we love to see you guys using your own footage). Then to give her clips the visual roughness, grit and discord needed to match her track, she paired her footage with our Quaker editing style—which added the coloured glitch effects and black and white filters. Starring in your music video can be a great way to showcase your showmanship to your fanbase, and Wood’s powerful performance is a superb example of this. Simple, yet very effective! 

Follow Aspen Wood on her website, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Apple Music, and SoundCloud

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