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Welcome to the Rotor Music Video App

Rotor makes it fast, easy and affordable to create your own music videos. All you need is a song and a computer or mobile.

Rotor Videos exists to solve a problem - musicians need music videos, now more than ever - but the musicians who need them most - the up and comers - can’t afford them.

YouTube has become the world’s largest music discovery platform, and more and more people are going to YouTube to listen to music. Video has become an integral part of sharing music online, and this is a problem, because video is time consuming and expensive to make. Rotor solves this by providing a new way for musicians to create their own music video content.

About Rotor 

Rotor is essentially a smart video editor. The user provides the music and Rotor will provide a choice of music video styles. Once the user selects their preferred style, they upload video clips or select some stock clips from Rotor’s library. The style that the user selected calls up a series of editing and FX instructions that are controlled by elements Rotor detects in the music such as beats and percussion. They hit render and receive a preview of their music video. If the user likes it they can download a free watermarked version or pay for a non watermarked high resolution version.


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Today, our beta version of Rotor Videos has gone live and you can signup and try it for free. We'd love to hear your feedback, ideas for Rotor features or any bugs you spot while testing this initial release. So please don't hesitate to contact us.

We’re excited to finally share our hard work with the world. This beta version of Rotor has only a fraction of the features we have in store, so watch this space, and make sure to keep coming back to check out new styles, new stock clips and new features.


Sign up to Rotor for free and create your own music videos!