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London Musician Series: Roselien

Roselien, Singer/Guitarist

Roselien is originally from Belgium, and moved to South-East London three months ago. She started playing classical guitar at an early age, then moved on to electric guitar and learned playing keys along the way. She started producing tracks in Ableton when she was 16 and has continued to do so up until now. Her music has evolved a lot but she feels like she has never been so close to her musical identity as she is now. Along the way her music got support from Meshell Ndegeocello, Reggie Watts, Lefto, dj Simbad. She has played supports for Meshell, Gregory Porter, Anthony Joseph and Gabriel Garzon Montano.

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London Musician Series: Catherine Allin

Catherine Allin, Singer/Songwriter

Catherine is an astrophysicist by day and a musician by night. She has been writing songs for years, but has only recently pushed herself forwards professionally. She is a self taught musician and her sound is very original. We would say her music is alternative-folk with an electro twist :)

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London Musician Series: Halina Rice

Halina Rice

Avant-electronic producer, live AV artist and remixer - debut album 'REDUX' was released in 2017 on Blurred Recordings which recieved positive reviews, and premiered in Clash Magazine. The debut track DRIVE was remixed by electronic pioneer Richard Norris of Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve. Halina also plays live with visual projections created by an award-winning VJ Mowgli and will release a follow up EP this year.

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Working with WARM

"You are what you listen to"

Lots of exciting things are happening at Rotor at the moment and today we're pleased to announce a collaboration with the guys over at WARM. If you don’t know about them yet, and you want to know if your song is being played on the radio (anywhere in the world!) we suggest you read on…

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London Musician Series: Andrei Ionescu

Andrei Ionescu, Singer/Songwriter 

Andrei has been absorbed by music from a very young age, later studying dance and finally acting. He's now back working with his original calling - music, and is playing in a London based multi-national pop rock band The Alpacas, in the photo above, in the middle, wearing brown jacket.

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