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Welcome to a new look Rotor

Rotor's New User Interface

Used our music video tool recently? If you have; you should have noticed a few changes…a few tweaks here and there? Who are we kidding - it’s totally new and improved!

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How video changed the music industry

More than just music

The widespread introduction of videos to the music industry transformed it from a solely audible delight to a treat for more than just one of the senses.

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Making clips better, smarter and faster

The next time you make a Rotor video, you’re going to have a much better experience...we promise! We’ve carried out a considerable project, adding a ton of new features, revamping the interface and tweaking things under the hood so you can create even better videos.

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New Release - Style Recommendations

What is a style? Well if you look it up in the Oxford dictionary, you’ll get something like this…

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A New Partnership: Rotor x Point Blank

We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with Point Blank - a global music school responsible for skilling up some of the serious talent emerging in the market.

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