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4 reasons why musicians should make lyric videos

Lyric videos are a growing phenomenon across all genres of music. They receive higher rates of engagement and appeal to international audiences. There are many reasons to get on board with lyric videos and here are our top four:

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Musician Series: Johnathon Norris

Johnathon Norris, Singner/Songwriter

Johnathon is a musician from Canada. He started playing music when he was 16 and has been in multiple bands. Now, he is branched off to a solo career and does a lot of recording in his personal studio from his home. He is mainly a songwriter and performs all of the compositions himself. He love creating and also producing music.

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Welcome to a new look Rotor

Rotor's New User Interface

Used our music video tool recently? If you have; you should have noticed a few changes…a few tweaks here and there? Who are we kidding - it’s totally new and improved!

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How video changed the music industry

More than just music

The widespread introduction of videos to the music industry transformed it from a solely audible delight to a treat for more than just one of the senses.

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Making clips better, smarter and faster

The next time you make a Rotor video, you’re going to have a much better experience...we promise! We’ve carried out a considerable project, adding a ton of new features, revamping the interface and tweaking things under the hood so you can create even better videos.

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