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Win 10 Free Videos with Rotor’s 100k Competition!

It’s official, 100k videos have been made using Rotor! To celebrate, we’re giving you the chance to win 10 free videos made on the platform. This is an awesome opportunity to get high quality, professional music videos created for free. We built Rotor to take the hard work out of making great video content – for one lucky winner, we’re taking the cost out too!

How to Enter

Entering the competition couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to be in with a chance of winning:

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Best Music Promotion Apps

best music promotion apps

Music promotion is a tough gig. How do you cut through the noise and get your name out there? It’s not easy but it’s certainly not impossible. There are a few vital apps out there that can get you noticed. Here’s some of the best music promotion apps every up-and-coming artist needs.

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Rotor: Now and Then

Rotor music video tool

We’ve got a lot of ideas. Probably too many, which is why we need to prioritise which ones to execute first. That’s always a tough decision.

In the first round of development we spent a lot of time creating Rotor as you see it now. It works and we love it, but it’s merely a taste of what we can do. There’s a lot more to come. We went through several UI iterations and just managed to get to something we were all happy with as our first demonstration. Now it’s time to move forward.

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More New Video Styles and Clips on Rotor!

mix tape video style

Rotor has loads of new features in store for our users, like our upcoming mobile app and tons of great new AI to make even better videos.

However, we still want to keep the beta version of Rotor in development, and give the users new features they can use now. So today we're launched even more new video styles for you guys to try out: Mix Tape and Rolling Fog.

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3 New Video Styles For Your Next Music Video

3 new video styles

We're commited to helping you create the most unique music video possible with Rotor. To help you do this, we'll be frequently launching new editing styles to infuse originality into your next Rotor production.

Today we're pleased to present 3 new and varied styles waiting to be tried out with your song.

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