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Meet the Rotor Team: Dervla Hillan

Check out our content creator Dervla Hillan and find out all about her artistic process for developing new video collections and editing styles.

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Want Free Music Videos? Follow Us On Social Media

We're on a mission to turn 2021 into TWENTY-TWENTY-WON!

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New Video Editing Styles this February

Experiment with our editing styles to add special effects to clips and make your music video flow seamlessly together.

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New Video Clips & Collections for January

Searching for footage for your next music video? We’ve dropped three new video collections for you to choose from. Just pick your clips and let Rotor handle the video editing. Read ➞

Make Spotify Canvas Videos in Rotor

Did you know you can make Spotify Canvas videos quickly in Rotor? Watch Eoghan show you how.

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