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How to Maximise Profit from Your Gigs

From the stomping sounds of the loud speakers to the pulsing energy of a packed-out crowd, there’s nothing quite like a live concert.

You’ve got the venue booked, your equipment’s ready, everything’s set to go.

But how do you make sure of a packed out crowd? If you’re a small band looking to gain extra revenue from your shows, there are a handful of tricks to help maximise profits from your gigs.

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The Best Music Streaming Sites to Promote Your Tracks

The best music streaming sites to promote your tracks

Remember the days of vinyl collections and CD racks that stacked up to the ceiling?

While physical music becomes more and more outdated, streaming has quickly risen to become the dominant form of music consumption. With more accessibility than ever before, it can be difficult to know where to start when getting your music heard.

Here are some tips, tricks and general run-downs of the best music streaming sites to promote your tracks.

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Win 10 Free Videos with Rotor!

win 10 free videos with Rotor

UPDATE: This competition has now closed.

Christmas has come early here at Rotor! We’re giving one lucky winner the chance to win 10 free videos with our competition.

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The Best Up and Coming Hip Hop Artists

up and coming hip hop artist

There’s a whole host of reasons to be excited about the future of hip-hop. With an ever-increasing variation in sounds, styles and delivery, the landscape of urban contemporary music is constantly changing.More up and coming artists are channelling their creative talents into the hip-hop genre than ever before, but we’ve managed to narrow them down to a select few.Here’s our picks for some of the best up and coming hip-hop artists that you need to be listening to. 

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30% Off All Videos with Rotor’s Black Friday Deal

black friday deals

UPDATE: This offer has now expired.

Black Friday deals aren’t just for shops! We’re getting in on the action too! We’re offering 30% off all videos made using Rotor for one day only! If you’ve been thinking about making a professional music video, this is the perfect opportunity. Read ➞