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More New Video Styles and Clips on Rotor!

mix tape video style

Rotor has loads of new features in store for our users, like our upcoming mobile app and tons of great new AI to make even better videos.

However, we still want to keep the beta version of Rotor in development, and give the users new features they can use now. So today we're launched even more new video styles for you guys to try out: Mix Tape and Rolling Fog.

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3 New Video Styles For Your Next Music Video

3 new video styles

We're commited to helping you create the most unique music video possible with Rotor. To help you do this, we'll be frequently launching new editing styles to infuse originality into your next Rotor production.

Today we're pleased to present 3 new and varied styles waiting to be tried out with your song. Read ➞

Rotor: The Story So Far


Two years ago, the three founders of Rotor sat in a basement office in Dublin, and began to sketch out our ideas for how a website would make music videos. We were feeling around in the dark, full of optimism, 100% committed, and excited about what we were doing. We had a little seed funding, and eagerly booked tickets to SXSW with the hope that we would have a beta version of Rotor ready to show. Three months later, we arrived at SXSW with little but a short animated video describing what we hoped Rotor would become. It was helpful, but far from the early beta version that we were so confident we would have. Read ➞

Welcome to Rotor


Rotor exists to solve a problem - musicians need music videos, now more than ever - but the musicians who need them most - the up and comers - can’t afford them.

YouTube has become the world’s largest music discovery platform, and more and more people are going to YouTube to listen to music. Video has become an integral part of sharing music online, and this is a problem, because video is time consuming and expensive to make. Rotor solves this by providing a new way for musicians to create their own video content. Read ➞