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How a Music Video Can Get You Signed

artist performing on stage

If you’re dreaming of becoming a successful musician, securing a record deal is probably sitting pretty high on your priority list. There are plenty of tips out there to help your get a record deal. As we’re video experts, we’re going to focus on what this brings you as an artist and how it can make you a more attractive prospect. Here’s how a music video can get you signed.

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Becoming a Music Producer: Advice, Guidance, Tips & Tricks

music producer

Becoming a music producer isn’t difficult, being successful is. Earning a living from making music is a dream for many but a reality for few. So, how do you become a music producer? What pitfalls should you look out for? If you want to breakthrough in the industry and travel further than the decks in your bedroom, we’ve got some essential advice, guidance, tips and tricks for you.

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The Best Up and Coming Electronic Artists to Watch Right Now

DJ mixing on the decks

There’s plenty of rising talent happening in the electronic music scene right now, but who are the cream of the crop? Well, get your dancing shoes on, because we’re taking you on an underground journey into the world of club bangers! Here are the best up and coming electronic artists to watch right now. Read ➞

How Internet Changed the Music Video

music video being filmed

In many ways, music videos have come full circle. Originally a tool for marketing and promotion, how have music videos evolved over the years? With the onset of YouTube, the explosion of social media and the resulting globalisation, what ways did the industry adapt? How has internet changed the music video?

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The Best Music Videos Made Using Rotor

tokyo video

Here at Rotor, we love to shine a light on the top quality work our users create. This is why we just had to share our list of the best music videos made using Rotor. If you’re craving some music video inspiration, give these a watch and see how other successful acts have used our music video creation platform to full effect.

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